Problems with finding directory

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Patrik Björnsson

Problems with finding directory

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I have a Little bit of a problem when trying to use your Software.
I have installed the "Cpp4Robots" extension and have the right version of Microsoft Visual studio (2017 Community)
but when i try to #include <EV3_Sound.h> or any of the directories i just get the "cannot open source file...".
I have checked and it is enabled in the Tools/Extensions menu.

Do you know what could be causing this?
Have i missed something?
I am somewhat used to C# but im kinda new to C so i might be missing something obvious.

Thank you!
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Re: Problems with finding directory

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Hello Patrik,

it is only problem with MS Visual Studio IntelliSense.
These header files as EV3_LCDDisplay.h, EV3_Sound.h, etc. are not missing in installation of Cpp4Robots extension.

Here is the solution for your problem with MS Visual Studio IntelliSense:
I suppose, that your installation of Cpp4Robots extension is in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\JSiebSW\Cpp4Robots\
Right click on your current project in Solution Explorer window and select item Properties.
Select in property window: Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> General-> Additional Include Directories -> <Edit...>
Insert new line in "Additional Include Directories" window: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\JSiebSW\Cpp4Robots\TargetDevice\Lego\EV3\API\include

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