LCD Display

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LCD Display

Post by dave »

Hi it's me once again :)

I found using the Draw_Point() function to draw on large areas of the screen to be very slow.

I tried to use it to perform some dithering but I had to give up because of how much it slowed it down.

It would be possible to either write directly on video memory, or prepare my graphics in an array and then draw it with a single call?

Something like Draw_Picture() but taking a pointer to an array would be great.

By the way... do you know how .rgf images are encoded? I couldn't find any documentation.
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Re: LCD Display

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Hi Dave,

We thank you again for other useful observations.
We will probably prepare a Draw_Points function that will draw a set of points.
Hopefully it will be much faster.
do you know how .rgf images are encoded?
We also do not know the encoding of rgf files.
It is not impotant for us. :)

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