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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for making it possible to use C++ with the Lego MindStorm WITHOUT having to install anything or do a dual boot!

I watched your HelloWorld youtube video and also Mirosław Orzechowski's.

My goal is to program the Lego Mindstorms 3dPrinter I built.

The problem is that I am only beginning to learn programming and would like to know where can I find examples or videos of code using more complex structures like conditionals and sensors like the touch sensor.

I read the cpp4Robots documentation, but unfortunately it doesn't have any examples.
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Hi Bernardo,

You can find examples in the directory with Cpp4Robots installation.
It is this directory C:\Program Files(x86)\JSiebSW\Cpp4Robots\TargetDevice\Lego\EV3\Examples

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